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About Us

           Spaar in Dutch means Savings. Savings is the USP at Spaar Heat Pump Technologies. Our products mean savings for not only your pocket but also to the Environment. It is everybody’s responsibility to save a greener earth for the coming generations, and we are striving to help you achive that responsibility.

           We at spaar are comitted for the complete hot water solution with a range of products. We specialize in Domestic and commercial Air Source heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters. “Customer delight” is not just a buzz at spaar but a philosophy that we live and work by, every single day. Our dedicated team of professionals are always ready to serve and support you, even as our technical team comprising experienced engineers are constantly evaluating and monitoring our offerings to ensure they meet the latest global standards. What all this translates into is peace-of-mind.

Our core products comprises of Solar Water Heaters, Domestic, Commercial and Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heaters.

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters

Spaar takes pride in presenting you the fourth generation water heaters, The Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater.   The Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters are Energy Saving, Compact, eco-friendly and very easy on your pocket too. Conventional Water Heaters – be it diesel or gas, they use non- renewable fast-depleting fossil fuels and they don’t just burn a hole in your pocket , they also adversly impact the envirnment. Air source heat pump water heater uses ambient temperature to heat water with out harming the environment in any way. Make a Green Shift and switch to Spaar to save 70% of your operating cost on water heating.


How it Works?

The figure shows the schematic presentation of the working priciple of a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater. The important parts of a heat pump are Evoparator, Heat Exchanger and a Compressor.
The low temperature, low pressure refrigerant in the liquid state is made to pass through the evoparator where it absorbs heat from the ambient air and vapourises. This gaseous refrigerant is passed through a compressor where it is compressed to very high pressure. Since temperature is directly proportional to pressure the temperature of the refrigerant also increases, this high temperature, high pressure refrigerant is passed through a heat exchanger where water will be flowing in the counter directions, hence the water absorbs the refrigerant’s temperature and the water is heated. The refrigerant is passed through a expansion valve to reduce its pressure as well and the cycle continues.

Our Client List:

  • Sapthagiri College of Engineering - Boys Hostel - 5000 liters
  • Motherhood Hospital, Sarjapura Road - 2000 liters
  • National Games Village, Koramangala - 3000 liters
  • JSS University, Mysore - 2000 liters
  • Pushpa Mahalingappa School, Davanagere - 6000 liters
  • Hotel Hans, Hubballi - 2000 liters
  • Sri Dharmastala University, Dharwad - 8000 liters
  • Paying Guest Accomodation, HSR Layout (6 Nos.) - 18000 liters



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